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Another Offer

Posted on: January 14, 2010

Ketika sedang online pagi ini. Seorang teman lama membuzzku.

Valenz: Sam!

SamChen: Hi, girl!

Valenz: Gossip!!!

SamChen: WHATT?????

Valenz: Big Boss called me yesterday. He offered me my previous job with more facilities and money, of course! I can make my demands, a list of them!


Valenz: And I can ask for some company! I am thinking about you.

SamChen: Ur thinking of returning to THAT place again??? SERIOUSLY??? DON’T!

Valenz: Not really, I mean I have options. But, what do u think? Do u want to accompany me?

SamChen: Accompany you to that Hell?? NO!

Valenz: (laughing)

SamChen: Please say u will NOT do that! Come on! U are not serious!

Valenz: I think I won’t. But it is tempting!

SamChen: Don’t know what to say. But u have got my answer. I WILL NOT return to that place again!

Valenz: I hear u loud and clear. Got to go. Ttyl!

SamChen: Sure. Chat again soon?

Valenz: Okay. Ups, my students are here. Bye. XOXO.

Valenz signed out.

SamChen signed out.

Sungguh pikiran untuk kembali bekerja di kantor lamaku bukan sesuatu yang pernah terlintas bahkan sedikitpun di otakku. Dan mendengar temanku menawarkan itu sungguh benar-benar membuatku merinding ngeri.

Aku hidup untuk masa depan, bukan masa lalu. Well, setidaknya dalam karir.

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